Our history


Spruyt Funeral Services, it's more than a century of history. Wheter it be on his own activities or at all funeral companies level, Spruyt Funeral Home had a strong impact on the funeral background.

Some important dates :

Established in 1861 by Joseph Spruyt, the company Spruyt Funeral Services settled in Brussels. From 1920, it opened four branches.

End of 1950, the company develops, by the agreements of Strasbourg and Berlin, the laws governing funeral companies.

In 1970, Charles Spruyt creates within the federation, the laws of access to the profession. He becomes President of the Federation of Belgium Funeral Services Companies et President of the Trade Union.

In 2004, the national and international direction of the company is managed by Mrs Francine Helen, worthy heiress of Charles Spruyt.

In 2014, the company operates the continuity of services it proposes for more than a century and joins A&G Funeral Group.